Paw Mold
Paw Mold
Paw Mold
Paw Mold
Paw Mold

Paw Mold

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Baking cookies has been one of the oldest hobbies of mankind. Making cookies of different shapes and sizes has been recently added to this hobby of man. In this regard, we have developed a special silicon mold which makes cookies in the shape of the paw of a puppy.

These cute little cookies can be used for kids and even if your dog likes a delight. All you need to do is to add the mixture in the mold and bake or freeze it. Six delights can be made in one go in this silicon paw mold.

  • Six pieces can be made in one time
  • Easy to clean, use, and store
  • High grade and safe silicon has been used
  • Size: 7.3×5.5×0.6 inch
  • Can be easily washed by hand or with the help of a dishwasher
  • -40 to 230C usable temperature range


It’s time to change the boring round designs of delights that you have made over the years. Order this mold right away and amaze any and everyone who touches your cookies.
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