Effective Shower Cap
Effective Shower Cap
Effective Shower Cap

Effective Shower Cap

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Keep water & foam out of your baby's eyes & ears. Make washing your baby's hair become much Easier & Funny.

☑️FOR BABY FROM 6 MONTHS - 6 YEARS OLD – The cap has a flexible design with 4 adjustable fasteners....so you can easily adjust to fit your baby's head.

☑️MAKE SHAMPOO TIME FUNNY –  Your baby will giggle when he/she sees the water running down in front of (but never touching) the face. He/she will able to play with toys while showering because no more water & foam running into his/her eyes and mouth!

☑️COMFORTABLE TO WEAR – Our shower cap is made of high quality EVA foam material that is soft, flexible and lightweight... It stretches a bit to help the cap stay on securely... And It's comfortable for your baby to wear during shampoo time 

☑️PREVENT EAR INFECTION & EYE DISEASES –  Water entering the ear can cause ear infection. Foam flowing into the eye will increase the risk of eye diseases. Wearing our shower cap your baby's eyes and ears will be protected completely because it keeps the water & foam out of his/her eyes and ears. 

    What should you do if your baby refuses to put on the cap?

    If you want your baby wearing the cap, let him/her see you wearing it because children like imitating their parents' actions.

    After the first time being able to watch the water falling away from the face and able to playing with his/her toys while shampooing... your baby would love wearing it next time.